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Thorn Magazine Thinktank

Paganism in the silicon age.

Thorn Magazine
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Thorn Magazine is a dynamic forum for expressions of ancient and contemporary paganism and its impact on modern culture. We publish our print edition quarterly and produce a monthly miniature online edition published on www.thornmagazine.com. Articles range from items of general metaphysical interest, like magick and astrology, to in-depth investigations of issues with specific pagan traditions including Kemetic Orthodoxy, Hellenic Reconstructionism, Druidry, Strega, Wicca, and other Neopagan and/or reconstructionist faiths. Primary source material is presented alongside coverage of breaking political news, philosophical debates, interviews, fiction, essays, artwork, reviews, photography, comic strips, and anthropological reports.

We're using this livejournal to garner feedback, contributions, and suggestions from and share developments and ideas with potential readers, advertisers and others interested in our upcoming magazine. This is more or less the undercover thinktank for Thorn. Look for the first issue of Thorn in December 08!